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Don't be overwhelmed by the too many functionalities of other software.

GSF GIS is the Geographic information system (GIS) integrating data processing needs in forestry.

Practical and user-friendly, it will please you if you are a forestry contractor, a private forest advisor, a public forest supervisor or any geomatics data user focused on forestry field work.

Don't hesitate any longer, GSF GIS is the outcome of almost 30 years of development, integrating functionalities of GSF OutilsGSF Debit, GSF Sondage and SMF Pro.

A GIS software with the GSF touch:
  • Data editing and visualization tools
  • Creation and import of SHP and GDB format layers
  • Attributes with choice list
  • Editing layers
  • Geoprocessing tools (buffer zone, feature transfer, etc.)
  • Creation of plots
  • RATF geometries
  • WMS services
  • Data import and transfer for GSFNav, Garmin
  • Map creation for GSFNav, GSFLog, Garmin
  • GSF Debit and SMF Pro integrated