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Gestion des RATF

Available only in French.

Facilitates the entry and creation of the digital structure necessary for filing the technical and financial activity report (RATF) required by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MRNF) of Quebec province.
Updated the structure according to the year of the RATF.

Interface for entering descriptive information from shapefiles and DBF tables.

Integrated MRNF code tables to avoid entry errors.

Compliance tools for forestry with the standards of the Ministry of Quebec
  • One interface to generate the numerical structure
  • Windows to adjust the value of the contents in the tables without opening the session
  • Compress the files to respect the existing nomenclature
  • Reports viewer
  • Determine the adjacent polygons and the related messages
  • Calculate the content of the culture code in a field determined by the user
  • WMS service for hydrographic reference

Available for:
ArcGIS Desktop