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GSFNav Windows

Be one among thousands of operators using GSFNav Windows.

While controlling your forestry machine, follow the progress of your work in real time in your cutting block.

Meet environmental standards and established requirements using our product customizable maps.

Guide your team through cutting paths for optimal wood recovery.

Integrate information-rich maps, including Lidar derivatives, informing you about slopes, wetlands and drainage.

Your essential tool for taking data with forestry machinery.

All-in-one System

  • Built-in High Precision GPS
  • Wi-Fi transfer
  • Bluetooth connection
  • FM option for data transfer between machines

  • You are looking for a software that records your forestry machine position in a cutting block?

    GSFNav Windows is integrated into our GPS system and will help you plan and monitor your forestry work.
    • Simple and user-friendly interface
    • Treated sectors identification
    • Tracks Wireless transfer to the porter or another machine.
    • Protected zone proximity alert
    • Data retrieval for analysis and reports with SMF Pro
    • Data preparation and base maps creation using GSF Outils or GSF GIS



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