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GSFNav Android

Use our GSFNav app on our rugged Android device, equipped with with GPS, data capture and transfer functionalities, for your forestry work .

Transfer your forestry machinery data wirelessly.

Integrate detailed maps information, such as Lidar derivatives, enlightening you about slopes, wetlands and drainage.

Our Android solution integrates a rugged device and GPS functionalities adapted to forestry.

Our solution includes

  • A software
  • A rugged and waterproof device
  • An internal GPS
  • GSFGPS option for 1-2m accuracy
  • Geode option for sub-meter accuracy


  • You are looking for a simple and intuitive GPS application? GSF NAV for Android perfectly meets your positioning needs.


    Field data entry

    • Create point, polyline and polygon with your GPS
    • Tracklog
    • Georeferenced pictures
    • Verbal notes
    • Distance and area measurement
    • Importing additional layer information into a project
    • Download your GSFNav Windows tracks wirelessly
    • Export data in GPX and Geogsf

    For your map creation and data processing use GSF GIS or GSF Outils

    * GSFNav Android is not compatible with Android 14.



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