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GSFLog device

Welcome to the digital age for the worked hours management per site and the activities carried out by road and forest harvesting machinery.

With no paper to carry or interpret, collect all your data using Wi-Fi technology and download them directly to your computer in real time.

Digital Time Clock

  • Time clock tool for road and forestry harvesting machinery
  • Real-time capture of activity and location data
  • Available in 6" and 10" sizes
  • 12-24 Volts power supply
  • Data recovery via cloud wireless technology


  • Are you looking for a system that allows you to obtain your machines worked hours?

    In addition to logging accelerometer data, our system records your machines movements.
    • Simple interface that requires minimal manipulation
    • Ability to save waypoints
    • Automatic data transfer from the device to the cloud
    • Buffer zone with configurable distance
    • Carried out activities and comments recordings
    • Custom map display with machine tracklog