Privacy Policy

Groupe Système Forêt respects the privacy of those who visit our website and using its online services. The following information will help you understand when and why it is possible that personal information we collect and how we use them.


Respect for your privacy is very important to us. When you browse our website, no personal information is collected by Groupe Système Forêt. The only personal information collected by Groupe Système Forêt through its website is information that you submit to us voluntarily, such as your name, your address, your phone number or your email address. The information collected on a voluntary basis used to provide services and benefits to customers; including, but not limited, they are used for:
check transactions, perform and activate software;

  • Send notices to owners concerning product updates to software, data and services;

help us provide technical assistance and product information to our users;
enroll users in courses and other events.
provide information to users about products and services.

Where appropriate, Groupe Système Forêt can transmit data to software vendors or business partners concerned to facilitate the above. Our software suppliers are also committed to protecting your personal information as described in their statement and policy for the protection of privacy.

If you submit your personal information, Groupe Système Forêt may contact you or send you commercial information about the products and services that it believes may be of interest. Groupe Système Forêt can also use your name, your address and your email address to send you newsletters or information about promotions, conferences and other users of upcoming events, or to ask you to participate surveys or remember the dates of your training. Its aim is to provide visitors useful information and offers that they could benefit.
Groupe Système Forêt occasionally uses the services of bonded mailing companies, authorized to use your personal data for marketing operations Groupe Système Forêt or mailings concerning updating software.

When you browse the website of Groupe Système Forêt, you can access the websites of other organizations using hyperlinks. Groupe Système Forêt assumes no responsibility for the privacy policies of these sites and organizations suggest you check the statements and policies respect the privacy of these sites before providing them with personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

Information such as the IP address of your computer, may be stored by the use of "cookies" or witnesses, designed to accelerate access to services and information Groupe Système Forêt. A cookie is a small data set that can be used to inform us of your visits to our websites and your browsing habits. Groupe Système Forêt does not use cookies to store information, such as credit card numbers, telephone numbers or other confidential information. A cookie is not an executable program and can not harm your computer. If you want to protect your privacy, you can disable the use of cookies in your browser.
The process of installing some software from Groupe Système Forêt may require the storage of information on your hard drive to ensure the proper functioning of the software and make sure it is used only with a valid license. Some software offered by Groupe Système Forêt may require registration, for installation or other purposes relating to suppliers, before granting access to specific services, license keys, and other functions. This information will be used to provide you with assistance and specialized services.
Groupe Système Forêt may also collect personal information when you order and register software, data or services, when you order news, when you sign up for training or other events or when you make requests whose response you must be transmitted directly.

You can choose

Individuals who choose not to provide personal information on this website will still be able to access most areas of the site. Refuse to provide personal information may prevent you from simply access to secure areas of the site, register and activate the software through the site, conduct transactions through the website or ask for technical assistance or other services.
If you submit your personal information to Groupe Système Forêt, but you do not want to receive information concerning the business, you can at any time unsubscribe from its mailing list by visiting this page Unsubscribe or upon request by email to
Please note that if you choose not to be part of our mailing lists, you may not receive important information from Groupe Système Forêt.
Besides what was mentioned in this document Groupe Système Forêt will not disclose your personal information unless it is required by law or if it believes necessary to disclose to protect the rights and property of Groupe Système Forêt or those of its software suppliers.
With the exception of collection points or what is described in this document, Groupe Système Forêt does not transfer, exchange or sell your personal information to third parties.

Access and Accuracy

Groupe Système Forêt can provide, upon request, access to your information in our databases. To do this, you must contact us at and let us know the context of the information in question. If you think the information is incorrect or should be updated please let us know and we will correct our data appropriately.


In order to protect the personal information submitted through the website, Groupe Système Forêt uses encryption technology consistent with industry standards, which prevent unauthorized access to information during the data transmission.
For visitors who order products or services through the website, Groupe Système Forêt verifies the credit card using encryption technology complies with industry standards in order to verify the authenticity and to ensure its confidentiality. For purposes of further protection, credit card numbers are only used during the verification process and are not saved or stored on our servers.
Groupe Système Forêt will take all reasonable and prudent precautions to ensure that your personal data are protected against detectable unauthorized access, use and unauthorized disclosure.


If you are unsure of the application of the principles set out in this document, or if you have questions about this policy, please contact us at We will do the research needed, we will correct the situation if necessary, and we will report on the measures taken. When you contact Groupe Système Forêt, please indicate that it is a problem of confidentiality of personal information.
Note: This policy is subject to change from time to time. The amended policy shall enter into force on the day the changes are made. This policy came into force on 4 October 2012.