Landsat-Sentinel (10 to 30 m colors)

Sentinel-2 2021 Mosaic
Sentinel-2 2021 Mosaic
Sentinel-2 2020 Mosaic
Sentinel-2 2020 Mosaic
Sentinel 2019 Mosaic
Sentinel 2019 Mosaic
Sentinel 2018 Mosaic
Sentinel-2 2018 Mosaic
Landsat Sentinel 2017 Mosaic
Landsat-Sentinel 2017 Mosaic
Landsat Mosaic 2016
Landsat 2016 Mosaic
Landsat 2015 Mosaic
Landsat 2015 Mosaic

The Sentinel-2 2020 mosaic can now be





Complete Mosaic: $ 2000
Regional sector:   $1 000


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Our Quebec Landsat mosaics are also available, representing a regional view of the territory. These offer a quick and cheap solution to obtain an image of a large area. 

Check the links below for the complete list of mosaics.