GPS 66s, 66st series

High-end devices with GPS functionality that meet the needs of the forest industry.

These GPS are equipped with a 3-inch color screen that can be read in the sun and are water resistant. Their AA batteries give them 16 hours of autonomy and are rechargeable directly in the device.

Access to BirdsEye satellite imagery (free) with direct download to the device. TOPO maps of the United States and Canada are preloaded with the 66st and 66i.

These models support Active Weather to provide the user with up-to-date and animated weather forecasts.


Our  GSF Outils app for ArcGIS allows you to add your own images (img) to these devices.


In addition to having various global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) these GPS are equipped with an altimeter, a barometer and a compass.



       GLONASS, Galileo, GPS and SBAS satellite reception
  3-axis electronic compass
10,000 waypoints
20,000 points, 250 tracks
16 GB of memory possibility of adding memory on MicroSD card.
  BirdsEye satellite imagery downloadable directly to GPS without subscription.


The Garmin Explore mobile application allows you to synchronize data from the GPS 66s and 66st to your mobile device.

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