eTrex series

The Garmin eTrex 10, 20 and 30 improve the accuracy of the receptors by the association of GLONASS and Waas. When these systems are used simultaneously, the receiver can use more satellites, allowing you to capture a position faster.



The eTrex is equiped with a Worldwide basemap. 


   25 hours Autonomy

The eTrex has an autonomy up to 25 hours with AA   batteries. 

   eTrex 10 fonctions and:

micro_SD.pngMicro SD card reader
With a microSD card reader and a 1,7 GB of intern memory for the eTrex 20, the download of TOPO cards becomes simple and quick.


The eTrex 20 takes charge BirdsEye satellite images that allow to download satellite images on your device and integrate it to you maps.   

    eTrex 10 and eTrex 20 fonctions and: 

New tools for hiking
The eTrex 30 is equiped with a 3 axis electronic compas with an inclinaison compasator that shows your headline even when you are stopped or when you are not holding it horizontaly. Its barometric altimeter follows the evolution of the pressure in order to determine the altitude accurately. 
Logo_Wireless.jpgShare Wireless
With the eTrex 30, you can now share your waypoints, tracks and itinerary wireless with compatible Garmin units.