TopoNav Maps


TopoNav and simplified eco-tree maps now available on the same SD/microSD card.

TopoNav has assembled on one card its 2 most popular products to offer you a complete and affordable product.

Price: $139.95  


Quebec TopoNav maps
with backroads network routable
1/20 000 scale
1/ 50 000 North (50th parallel)

TopoNav is a detailed topographic product for GPS Garmin colors.

Designed from the official data of Quebec Ministry of Natural Ressources, this product offers a complete topographic mapping solution.

Price : $99.99


Key features of the latest version:
  • 3D compatible in GPS and BaseCamp
  • Advanced Forest Network
  • Quebec road up to date with streets names
  • With public and private lands limits
  • Trails routing
  • Zec, Outfittes and Parks limits
  • Thousands of POIs
  • Snowmobile trails
  • ATV trails
  • Pedestrians trails
  • Canoe trails
Connect the GPS containing the TopoNav microSD to the computer, open BaseCamp and view the maps directly ont the screen.

Simplified eco-tree maps
Quebec province 1/20 000 


To better meet the needs of some users of the forest, a cartographic product that gives a faithful picture of the vegetation you find in the forest has been created. A practical example of use would be a hunter looking for certain places where the game could feed and move within its hunting territory.

Price : 99.95$


You will find in this product:


  • 3D visible in Garmin GPS and Basecamp;
  • Road and forestry network;
  • Parks, reserves, zec and outfitters limits
  • Hydrography;
  • Contour line;
  • Nature of the land (peat moss, gravel);

The selected stands are:

  • Hardwood - of 7 m
  • Hardwood  7 m and +
  • Mixted - 7 m
  • Mixted 7 m and +
  • Softwoods  - of 7 m
  • Softwoods 7 m and +
  • Cuts, plantations, windmills, burns
  • Dry and wet bare
  • Wooded Urban
  • Aulnaies

* Price are subject to change without notice.

Simplified eco-tree maps