Garmin Maps

 Topo Canada
  Digital topographic maps for Canada

Garmin have mapped every hill and valley so you can have topographic detail werever your journey takes you. You will have coverage of major trails, urban and rural roads, and highways, as well as national, provincial and local parks, forests and wildderness areas.

  • Comparable to 1:250 000 and 1:50 000 scale DMTI maps
  • Terain contour and elevation information, along with summits, peaks and geographic points.
  • Roads, trails, highways and points of interest
  • Coastlines, shorelines,wetlands, perennial and seasonal streams
  • Natioanal, provincial, local parks, forests and wildeness areas

Available on DVD or microSD cards

  City Navigator NT

   Digital roads maps 

Navigate towards any adress or intersection with the audio guide without mistaking with City Navigator NT. 

Several regions availables on MicroSD card (product on demand)


  Digitals marine Charts and Maps

As the World GPS Leader, Garmin is the only marine electronics manufacturer who develops and commercialises marine maps specially adapted to its products. Called BlueChart, these marine maps are based on the official data from different national hydrographic organisms around the world.  


Available on demand
See Garmin website for availability