Spot X

SPOT X with Bluetooth

SPOT X allows you to send bidirectional text messages by satellite allowing your device to operate out of range or beyond cellular coverage. (subscription required)

Connect your SPOT X to your smartphone using bluetooth technology, providing access to a contact list and easy communication.

This device has its own Canadian mobile phone number, which allows you and your contacts to be reached at all times.




Exchange text messages with any cell phone number or email address even out of range of the cell. My SPOT Account contains 14 predefined messages that you can personalize and synchronize with your SPOT X device.



Send an emergency message at any time to the search and rescue center, exchange two-way messages about the severity of your emergency and receive confirmation that help is on your way.


Choose progress tracks from 2½, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minute intervals and allow your loved ones or colleagues to follow your progress with the user-friendly SPOT interface using Google Maps.