GPS Garmin: Data Preparation and Field Survey

This training, conceived by Groupe Système Forêt (GSF), covers the technical and essential aspects for data preparation prior any field survey for handheld GPS Garmin devices, such as the GPSmap64, GPSmap66, GPSmap78, Oregon and Montana series.

Training is available in English and French.

Training duration is one day.

Training is sparated in two parts.

The first part includes:
  • Data configuration and exchange between a computer and a handheld device
  • Data preparation for the second part
  • Access to a computer
  • Access to a digital manual produced by GSF.
The trainer gives a lecture and theoretical examples before each exercise.  

Configuration and transfer activities with the computer can be made with MapSource, BaseCamp or ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap).  

The second part includes:
  • Field navigation as well as outdoor data edition.
(Wear clothes adapted to the weather.)

No experience required. All essential concepts are seen in the training.

Groupe Système Forêt possesses a agreement certificat as a training organism from the gouvernement du Québec, since 1997, and was reconized as a teaching establishment by the Ressources humaines et Développement des competences Canada, in 2012.