ArcGIS Desktop Training

This training explores the possibilities of ArcGIS for the creation and updating of geographic and attribute data, mapping and geospatial analysis.
Participants will use ArcMap and ArcCatalog applications to know the features and the possibilities and also explore the relationships between them. ArcToolbox will be explored and use for some geoprocessing operations.
  • Vector data creation in Shapefile and Geodatabase format
  • Map projection concept
  • Defining the properties of a layer such as the symbology and labeling
  • Map creation
  • Editing tables and fields creation
  • Query tabular data (requests)
  • Geometric editing of a vector layer
  • Spatial analysis operation

Formation ArcGIS Desktop

  • 3 days training
  • A numeric English manual with 555 pages and 97 exercices
  • A computer station per participant
  • Proceeding and demo before each exercise


For a public with no or only a little knowledge of the software

Training document available for purchase