GSF Nav on Android

Logo_GSF_Nav_Android.jpgGSF Nav on Android
This training is exploring the GSF NAV on Android navigation system. The participants will learn to create their own maps, transfer them into the app, take data on the field and treat them when back in the classroom.

  • Create GSF NAV on Android maps (NAV and GEO files)
  • Add and transfer data
  • Activate and define app parameters
  • Explore GSF NAV on Android tools
  • Take and register data on the field
  • Edit data
  • Transfer data back to the computer

Information regarding the training

  • One-day Theorical training
  • Half-day Practical training on the field
  • User and training manuals included
  • Access to a computer (theorical training)
  • Mobile devices lent on demand
  • Please wear adapted clothes for practical training


  • Be familiar with ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolBox)
  • Informatic knowledge to create and manipulate files
  • Know the difference between vector and raster data
  • Know coordinates systems