Training Document

        Training Document
           Applied to natural ressources
        Available in numeric format* or paper 

        Number of pages: 555

        Number of exercises: 97

        Our training document ArcGIS Desktop is now               available to buy for 250$. 


This training document helps exploring the possibilities offered by ArcGIS for Desktop for the creation of data, updates and spatial data analysis. The applications are ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox to know their fonctionnalities and possibilities and explore the relationships that exist between themselves. 


  • ArcMap and ArcCatalog concepts.
  • Use of tools that are in ArcToolbox.
  • Creation of vectorial data in Shapefile and Geodatabase format.
  • Understand the notion of cartographic projection, define and change projection.
  • Define the parameters of a layer for symbology and labels. 
  • Create maps.
  • Edit a table and create fields.
  • Interrogate tabular database (requests).
  • Merge tables. 
  • Geometric edition of a vectorial layer and advaced fonctionnalities. 
  • Spatial analysis operations with the geoprocessing tools. 
  • Create buffer zones.

*The numeric version of the document included a license for one user.