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Forest Geomatics

  • This training allows you to explore the possibilities offered by the geographic information system “GSF GIS” for the creation and updating of vector data as well as the management and processing of data. Attendees will use GSF GIS to create maps compatible with the GSFNAV, GSFLog, Garmin applications and also to transfer and retrieve data from these software.

    6-hour Training

    • Understand and prepare the data structure for GSF GIS;
    • Import Shapefiles and geodatabase feature classes;
    • Add images and WMS services;
    • Define the parameters of a layer at the symbology and labels level;
    • Create maps for GSFNAV Android, GSFNAV Windows, GSFLog and Garmin;
    • Transfer data for GSFNAV and Garmin applications;
    • Edit a table and create fields;
    • Scan and modify geometric data (point, line, polygon);
    • Prepare a layout to print a map;
    • Perform simple spatial analysis operations (cutting, transfer of entities, buffer zone, etc.).

  • This training allows you to optimize working methods through the use of GSF Outils. This extension contains several functions relating to data management, conversion and processing. Attendees will also learn how to create maps and transfer data for different GPS devices (Garmin and Android) and gain knowledge on importing and exporting different data formats.

    6-hour Training

    • Configure the extension;
    • Learn the functions for creating and managing data;
    • Use tools to process and correct geometry;
    • Convert data into different types of geometries;
    • Transfer data and create maps for Garmin GPS devices;
    • Prepare a map and import data from GSF NAV Android and Windows;
    • Set and change projection data;
    • Explore the different functions for importing and exporting data;
    • Import geotagged pictures.

  • Only available in french.

    This training is target to optimize the entry and creation of the structure of the RATF standard by using the Gestion des RATF extension. Attendees will also learn how to correct the geometry of digital data from the GSF Outils extension and other features.

    6-hour Training

    • Understand the structure of the RATF standard and the deliverable data;
    • Process GPS contours using the “Geometry Tools” function of “GSF Outils” and other geometric editing features;
    • Create the complete structure of the standard;
    • Create the layers and tables associated with the RATF (SI, ESS_REB…);
    • Enter information from an editing window for tables;
    • Detect adjacent polygons with the same information;
    • Use geoprocessing tools to generate the result of the number of areas per sector and per slope class for EPC processing.

  • This training allows you to explore the possibilities that ArcGIS Desktop offers for the creation and processing of satellite images and other raster data (Lidar). Attendees will learn how to select and download images and then import and process them using ArcGIS Desktop and GSF  Outils. Additionally, Attendees will master basic knowledge of rasters.

    6-hour Training

    • Search for satellite images and other raster data;
    • View and download satellite images;
    • Import images with GSF Outils;
    • Understand how to select bands and choose color combinations;
    • Learn the different properties of images;
    • Apply symbology and display raster data (Lidar).