Suivi Reboisement Forestier

Logo Suivi Reboisement Forestier The solution for Reforestation
Suivi Reboisement Forestier is an app for Android devices. It gives the real-time location of reforestation workers on the field and their movements for follow-up planning. This apps also help the team leader to efficiently manage his co-workers.


This apps helps identify reforested areas and eases form fillings. All recorded data will then be transfered to a computer to be analyzed in GSFGIS add-in Compilation Reboisement.

The app is installed on any Android device. It offers a simple interface, is user-friendly and can resist harsh usage constraints.
  • Real-time positionning
  • Automatic form-filling
  • Subsequent analyses possible

Paired up with the GSFGIS Compilation Reboisement add-in, the Suivi Reboisement Forestier app proposes the solution to get a precise portrait of reforestation workers movements on the field and to produce reports.