SMF Pro for ArcGIS

SMF Pro pour ArcGISSoon available on the GSFGIS app!!

SMF Pro for ArcGIS Desktop allows the monitoring and analysis of forestry operations using points (positions) representing the movement of a vehicule from a GPS Garmin (GPX or Marine), Truckbase (SLV) or any other GPS using GSFNav

The extension is used with ArcGIS 9.3 version or higher. It adds a toolbar in ArcMap.

Analysis functions (pause, trails and productivity) allow to obtain rapid and concrete results.

Importation of Spot data

Allows to import the Spot data file.
Define Spot ID and report production.


Importation of GPS files

Allows you to import various types of GPS files to ArcGIS.

    Geometry Creation
    Enables rapid processing of data points to create 
    lines and polygons.

Productivity Analysis
Calculates the working time in the cut over.
Productivity will quickly calculate the cost of the work.

  Machinery Management
Sets the name of the machinery, the contractors and the type of vehicle.

    Activity Report
    Allows to know the uptime of the machinery.
    For each point, a speed is calculated and stored.

The Report section contains two options to display the results of analysis. You can target a range of dates, start and end in order to compile the results. You can open the report to view and print results sorted by day of production. You can have a summary or a detailed report.

Select the icons for a report example

 Summary Activity Report

 Detailed Activity Report

 Productivity Report

 Productivity Analysis