GSF Outils for ArcGIS

GSF Outils is optimized to answer our users numerous requests. The extension adds a Toolbar to 
ArcMap grouping the functions by theme (Geoprocessing, conversion, GPS, Screen).
  • ArcGIS 10.2 and higher is recommanded
Whats new in version  10.7


  Export image in GSFNav Windows

  Extraire les pentes fortes

  Prepare maps for GSF GIS

  WMS Services

  Outils Géométies RATF



Preparation of data for GSF Nav

Preparation of Windows and Windows mobile maps

Preparation of maps for Android

Split images in tiles, including change image format in JPG

Tranfer to GSF Nav

GPS section

The GPS section is adapted to the new generation of Garmin GPS and allows the transfer and the creation of customized data to a GPS.

Transfer with GPS Garmin


Create .img files

Ship Maps to the GPS 

Create Maps for Mapsource

Create Points of Interests (POI)

GSF Tools for ArcGIS supports fixed and floating licenses of ArcGIS Desktop of the 9.3 and above Version , either with ArcView, ArcEditor or ArcInfo (Basic, Standard and Professional).