GSF Nav for Android

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GSF NAV is an application allowing you to use GPS functions on your Android device, add up field data and any desired informations on site.
  • Point, polyline and polygon functions
  • Tracklog
  • Measure distance and area
  • Import shapefile in a project using GSF Outils
  • Contains GPS capture and zoom tools
  • Export data in GPX format
  • inventories entry with data base using GSF Sondage




GSF Outils for ArcGIS allows the creation of maps in .NAV format that can be used in GSF Nav.

GSF Sondage for ArcGIS, allow the creation of a .IPS data base that can be used in GSF Nav.


GSF Debit for ARcGIS, will allow the creation of a map containing culvets information.


Contains many options including: 

Allows to create geometries with the GPS or freehanded as well as the creation of maps. 

Tracklog journal of GPS positions on a continuous basis. 
GPS Capture 
Capture GPS positions directly in the line , polygon or point file.
Tool to measure the distance and the superficy on the maps.  

This section contains a tampon zone allowing to keep a fixed distance versus a track or a parralel limit. 
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Tool to select the target to reach with the angle and distance to destination as a display.