English version available soon.

In order to meet the processing needs directly in the field, Groupe Systeme Foret has developed a brand new standalone GIS software; GSF GIS. This is a complement between your GIS desktop and field data capture devices.

Windows 7 and higher


  • Editing tools
  • Data viewing
  • Create and import projects
  • Create maps
  • Data viewer
  • Edit layer
  • Handheld data transfer
  • View, zoom and interrogate
  • Geoprocessing

GPS tools
  • Use a rugget tablet as a GPS
  • Tracklog
  • Buffer
  • Capture, Waypoint
  • Go To

Exchange with other devices

  • Garmin data transfer
  • GSFNav Android data transfer

Supported format
  • GDB, geodatabase, shapefile
  • GPX, Geogsf
  • Images tiff, jpeg et ecw
  • Basemap Online
  • Online Maps services (Free to use)
  • Forest strands extraction