English version available soon. Contact us if you have an interest in seeing it.


First GIS dedicated to forestry

In order to meet the processing needs directly in the field, Groupe Systeme Foret has developed a brand new standalone GIS software; GSF GIS. This is a complement between your GIS desktop and field data capture devices.

Windows 7 and higher

  • Editing tools
  • Data viewing
  • Create and import projects
  • Create maps
  • Data viewer
  • Edit layer
  • Data transfer, both to and from handheld devices
  • View, zoom and interrogate
  • Geoprocessing


GPS tools
  • Use a rugget tablet as a GPS
  • Tracklog
  • Buffer
  • Capture, Waypoint
  • Go To

Exchange with other devices

  • Garmin data transfer
  • GSFNav Android data transfer

Supported format
  • GDB, geodatabase, shapefile
  • NAV, Geogsf, Geo, IPS, Geogsfips
  • Tiff, jpeg, ping and ecw images
  • Online Basemap
  • Online Maps services (Free to use, WMS), SQLite
  • Forest strands extraction

Optional add-in helping with everything related to forest management plans on private properties.