About Us

Groupe Système Forêt (GSF) is a small company combining multi-disciplinary professionals working mainly in the development of geomatics methods, products and tools for the planning, execution and monitoring of forest.

Solutions are developed on Windows platforms using mainly ESRI products (ArcGIS Desktop, ArcPad and ArcView GIS 3.3) for structuring data and realizing spatial analysis of activities of all kinds. Business partner of ESRI Canada Limited since 1995, GSF remains to this day the best retailer in Canada of ESRI Canada Desktop solutions and its extensions such as Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst.

The GSF team provides training, application development, satellite imagery, GPS and DGPS sales and consulting. Our corporate policy is base on simplicity and customer knowledge development through training and ongoing support.

Well established in the northeast of North America (Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes), GSF work in several activities sectors, such as forestry, mining, environmental and municipal areas.

Gaby Dubuc, ing.f. President
Forest engineer and member of the Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec since 1988, Mr. Dubuc has extensive experience in public forests management. He is responsible for the implementation of geomatics among several organizations since 1995 and the development of navigation system for forestry machinery.